Sunday Morning

October 2, 2008

An attempt to schedule a leisurely afternoon date gone horribly wrong. Sent by “Alan,” 10:00 am:

Since wed or thurs I was always under the impression that we were meeting on sunday. As a result, detailed communication as to my whereabouts didn’t seem necessary.

Sent by “Sara,”  10:30 am:

Sure, Thursday when I asked you to make plans, it was ‘Sunday’ with no specificity therein.  But since last Friday I was under the same impression for last Sunday; you complained that I do not make myself available to you (despite the fact that I don’t recall a single instance that would verify your complaint), so I chose to prioritize seeing you over studying or getting to know my new roomate in order to make ‘it’ up to you.  I don’t fault you for it never panning out, but rather for not telling me until well into the evening that you had to work, despite all my emailing / calling / texting you throughout the afternoon.  I don’t care for being under the same ‘impression’ this Sunday as last, especially when it is abundantly clear that you relegate me to your lowest social priority, to whom communication about when you would like this person to be umpteenly availiable to you ‘didn’t seem necessary’.

Sent by “Alan,” 11:30 am:

That’s a lot of drama for a sunday am. I hope you feel better now that you’ve got that off your chest.

Considering that you feel I’ve put you to my lowest social priority, I think it’s best if I remain cosistent and suggest you make other plans this evening.

I’m in central park now and plan on ejoying the rest of my sunday morning with a book. I’m turning off all means of communication now.


One Response to “Sunday Morning”

  1. g said

    good job alan…sara seems a little look through your window to make sure she’s not standing outside your home..

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