A Slippery Ski Slope

October 14, 2008

Backstory: “Aaron” and “Beth” had been dating for over a year, and were very happy together. But then Aaron slept with “Carrie.” And Carrie knew about Beth. Carrie’s email to Aaron, after he left for an impromptu ski trip:

i’m sorry. i’m sorry for everything that happened. i know that you said that you don’t regret it, but if i could just erase the last week, then i would. i just couldn’t take constantly being given the third degree from everyone i know. and i couldn’t handle feeling as guilty as i do, and knowing how deeply i’ve wronged someone that i’ve barely even met. so i’m sorry about it all. i just wanted you to know that.

and for what it’s worth, i don’t think that you are a bad person. i think that you have a lot of things to figure out, and that we both made a big mistake. what matters most now is how you deal with it.

anyway, you don’t have to respond to this – i’m not sure that there’s anything left to say. and i won’t bother you anymore. i really hope that you and beth are able to work things out, and i wish you nothing but the best. have a good time skiing.


One week later…

hey carrie sorry i’m just getting back to you. i split town last tuesday to get away an gather my thoughts and sort through some crap. and to get in some pretty amazing skiing 🙂

my time in utah was productive. i think i gained some clarity and perspective.

thanks for your apology and thanks for your note of good faith. i feel like i am the one who should feel sorry. i was a jackass last week. i’m sorry for that.

i hope you are well.



One Response to “A Slippery Ski Slope”

  1. Christina said

    As cold as the snow on the ski trip..

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