“my shit fucks up MY LIFE”

October 14, 2008

Backstory: The torrid affair between “Patrick” and “Stacey” began with them as best friends. After kissing one fateful night, Patrick broke up with his girlfriend, and Stacey and Patrick tried to make it work as a couple. After four months of an intense long-distance relationship, however, Patrick dumped Stacey and got back together with his Ex. Patrick and Stacey stopped speaking, but they couldn’t stay away from each other for long. Patrick left his Ex–again–after cheating on her with Stacey–again. He told everyone, including her family, that Stacey was “the one.” Yet as soon as Patrick returned to law school, he started dating someone new. Stacey was furious. She told Patrick that she was too hurt to continue being his friend, which made him angry at her in turn. This email from Stacey followed:


i just can’t do the fake friends thing right now. like i feel like you want me to be able to just turn off everything and be back to besties circa 1L, b/c that’s what fits comfortably into your life right now. i can’t do that via email and i def. wouldn’t be able to do it in person. and i find it really insane that you would even expect me to want/be able to do that. this situation is bizarre and far from ideal, but there’s no way around it except to just sort of block it all out. i don’t want to know what’s going on with you, because it hurts, and it also really pisses me off when i think about how i let myself get dragged back into this just to be so easily discarded by you again. i thought you would have been a tiny bit more thoughtful this time around about what you said and did with me, but i guess it never really was/is about me at all. which is apparantely a lesson that i just can’t seem to learn. i have plenty of questions about what all that bullshit in december was about. was it about just getting a guaranteed fuck? or was a shred of that trying to be a better person stuff actually true and you just couldn’t pull it off? i hope it’s the latter, because i’d rather think that you are just weak rather than cruel. unfortunately i think it is probably the former though. to mess with me that way just to get laid is beyond low. i don’t know if i did something to you somewhere in our relationship to deserve this treatment from you, but it seems completely pathological how you have absolutely no regard for me at all. it is scary to see that this is how you treat someone that you claim to have loved– or even liked for that matter. or maybe the more you care about someone the worse you treat them? who knows. that’s totally fucked up. we’re both people who have pretty major issues and insecurities. the difference between us is that my shit fucks up MY LIFE, whereas your shit completely fucks up the lives of other people. i’m jealous, i wish that i wasn’t the sole victim of my own insanity; i think it would be a lot easier to just fuck up other people’s lives and keep on plugging, thinking it’s all justified. good for you. bad for me. and your next g/f (victim).



4 Responses to ““my shit fucks up MY LIFE””

  1. nico said

    that was one of the craziest things I’ve ever read. props to you for standing up for yourself. stay strong cause you deserve better.

  2. g said

    stacey, here’s a lesson for you…you were messing around with someone else’s man…karma is a bitch..

  3. can't believe ur surprised said

    WTF??? You get involved with a guy who is with someone else. He dumps his girlfriend for you. The part where he tells you you’re better than her. You expected to get treated better than her??

    Then he dumps you and goes back to his Ex (who probably believed the ‘better man’ stuff, too. The part where he tells her she’s better than you and he should have never left her. THEN he dumps her for you AGAIN. Part where he tells you you’re better than her (because he wouldn’t do the work to make it right with her). THEN you are SURPRISED he dumps you for someone entirely different (because he won’t do the work to make it right with you)??

    PLEASE, when you date a man-whore, you get what a man-whore gives. You also got some of what you gave the girlfriend he left for you. Why would you have expected him to treat you any better???

    Now if you’ve been following the bouncing ball here, put your big girl panties on and get over it. Hope you learned your lesson and will get YOUR OWN man in the future. If a guy is still with or ‘trying to decide whether to leave “Her”- run, don’t walk to the nearest exit.

  4. candy blackmail said

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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