In Summation, OMG.

October 17, 2008

Backstory: “Mary” and “Kevin” went to law school together. She thought that they were just friends, but over time it became apparent that Kevin was interested in something more. His interest in Mary grew to an unhealthy obsession, but Mary repeatedly told him that she had a boyfriend with whom she wanted to stay. One night, when Mary was out of town visiting her boyfriend, Kevin sent Mary a series of instant messages saying that he would commit suicide if she didn’t agree to date him, and that the only thing that would make him feel better was if he had a girl around. The next day, Mary received this email:

Subject: OMG

Ok…so I had a few too many drinks last night. Let me preface everything with that, and then go on to comment that I was just messed up a little bit more because jury selection had just started for [Kevin’s late friend’s] murder trial. So yeah, I was just really drunk, combined with a reminder of him, and that made be ridiculously melodramatic.

As far as my other comments…I was drunk. Haha. Let me assure you however that a general rule of operating procedure is that you don’t tell people that you used to be interested if you are still interested. I’m not sure I made that caveat last night, but it is a necessary, and somewhat important caveat. My comments in this venue were of historical significance only, and had no forward-looking content.

In summation, ignore everything said last night.


4 Responses to “In Summation, OMG.”

  1. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    Is it sad that I think I know these people?

  2. Interested Mind said

    a case of liquid courage and regret…ouch

  3. g said

    he’s never going to win her heart by regretting what he said…kevin, next time you should visit mary when she’s with her boyfriend and confess your love to her…ps… don’t forget the flowers..

  4. candy blackmail said

    …or the pills for the follow-up drunk call.

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