Happy Anniversary

October 18, 2008

Backstory: The recipient and writer of this email dated for over five years. After almost a year straight of fighting, they broke up in January, tried to stay friends throughout the spring, but ultimately stopped talking by the summer. This email came in late August, a few weeks after what would have been their sixth anniversary:

I hope that you are happy with what you have done. I never thought that it would come to this especially because of the nature of the break up. However, after starting more than half a dozen conversations and trying to talk with you several times over the first few months, I/we got nowhere. So I decided to let you have whatever space you needed and come talk to me when you were ready.

Even though we had decided that we couldn’t really be friends and hang out or talk like friends do, I was meant to understand that at least the lines of communication would still be open for whatever reason be it casual or emergency. Ignoring everything that has happened since May, I figured that I would have at least gotten a “Hi, how are you?” or something like that by what would have been our 6 year anniversary.

When nothing came I decided against my better judgment to call you before it got too late (sometime around 10pm). Now, since you had spent roughly 1/4 of your life with me, and I spent roughly 1/5 of mine with you, I never thought that you would go so far as to not even give me the respect of a return phone call. Because of this fact I feel that my hand has been forced. I reluctantly have decided to make a committed effort to forget you altogether.

After this email I plan on removing your screen name and emails and such from anywhere that I may have them. You need not bother trying to contact me across any medium. I simply will not respond. From this day forward we are complete strangers. Good luck. I know that you will do well monetarily.


3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. thaqor said

    Wow. It was boring… until I got to the last line. The thing I don’t get is that if he knows that she will do well monetarily, why is he okay with letting her go? Doesn’t he need a sugar mamma?

  2. LTcompanda said

    His ego would never be able to handle anything like that.

  3. candy blackmail said

    What’s more pathetic than acknowledging an “anniversary” with an ex?

    Chewing the ex out for moving on with his/her life and not wanting to acknowledge the “anniversary” .

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