“Blossomed Like a Rose”

October 29, 2008

Backstory: “Serena” and “Dan” were high school sweethearts. When high school ended, they went away to different colleges. Yet Serena continued to receive daily phone calls from Dan, saying he still loved her. Over winter break, he professed his love in person and expressed his desire that they be together, despite the distance. Serena agreed, and spent the next several months at school staying in and emailing or calling Dan as much as she could. Then, out of the blue, Serena received this email from someone named “Vanessa,” who had never met:

Dear Serena,

I know you don’t know me, or at least not as much as I know you. My name is Vanessa and I am Dan’s new girlfriend. Dan has told me so much about you, and I truly feel that you are the type of girl that I would like to get to know and be friends with. While you probably will not be feeling this same way about me when you read this, I hope that in time we can get to know each other and be friends.

Over the last 4 months, while I have been going out with Dan, he has grown so much as a person. Indeed he has blossomed like a rose. I know you mean so much to him because he talks about you all the time. However you should know that I mean a lot to him too. Dan has room in his heart for both of us right now, but everyday he and I are growing closer and that’s not going to stop. It’s time that you accepted the fact that your relationship with him has withered. Dan wants to be with me now, and you should move on.

I hope you will not take this letter the wrong way, I mean the best for you and for Dan.

Take care,



6 Responses to ““Blossomed Like a Rose””

  1. SiamCat said

    Dan is such a loser! He could not tell his former girlfriend to her face that he has moved on and asked his current girlfriend to write a letter for him–LAME!

  2. Interested Mind said

    All I can say is Vanessa if a little psycho, but seriously…don’t be mad at Vanessa. She is not the one who has been lying to you. Dan is the one who betrayed you!!!! Girls always direct their anger towards the wrong person when they get cheated on. Vanessa does not know you and I am sure did not know about you when she 1st met Dan, however I still think her email is a little crazy!!!

  3. g said

    that sucks…you just got played by your man…if you dont move on i think vanesa and your boy are up for a threesome…

  4. Julia said

    I would say thank you to that girl who just did you a huge favor. She told you what he never would. Now you know truth and can move on.
    It sucks to suspect, but never knowing.

  5. Linds said

    I wouldn’t be mad at Vanessa, I’d take my anger out on Dan. I’m pretty sure that Vanessa didn’t think she was in the wrong. It seems like Dan lied to her. SiamCat, I don’t think that she was his former girlfriend, I’m pretty sure that she was his current girlfriend, as was this Vanessa girl.

  6. candy blackmail said

    Vanessa could also be a younger version of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”. I’d still be pissed at Dan – whether or not anything is going on, there’s always a little spark of truth that ignites this sort of crap.

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