“You Don’t Care What I Look Like and That’s Different To Me”

December 9, 2008

Oh, instant messaging. It’s got all of the permanence of email, but with the added bonus of being completely off the cuff. The result: your stream-of-consciousness IM that refers to your new Ex as a slut-face-douche-nozzle gets recorded onto his or her computer for all time. For example, here’s one tense (and really long) instant message transcript between “RoMont01” and “JulCap13,” who had met on an online dating service, after they had their first and last phone conversation. Read a highlight below; get their full conversation, from start to finish, after the jump.

JulCap13: well then I guess it sucks to be you…plus I like guys that dig me more than you did
JulCap13: that’s ehat i was going to tell you
RoMont01: Then maybe it’s best that nothing more transpired, anyways. And thus, it doesn’t suck to be either of us.
JulCap13: nope it still sucks to be you

JulCap13 (9:52:23 PM): I know that you got the wrong impression of me. I am just not used to making the first move and I guess I was hoping that since I made the first move you would have at least stuck to what you said and called me this week. even if it was to tell me you weren’t interested in me. Well now it is obvious that you are not interested in me so have a nice life. I just wish you had told me.

RoMont01 (9:53:58 PM): Hi, it was wrong of me not to let you know. I just don’t think that you and I click well enough. I had all intentions on calling and then when I didn’t on Monday, I just let it drag on. That was wrong of me, and I’m sorry. I know that things will work out for you, and I wish you the best.

JulCap13 (9:58:54 PM): Yeah it was and how would you know how well we click bc when we talked i had some stuff on my mind

JulCap13 (9:59:08 PM): so now you get to spend the rest of your life not knowing

RoMont01 (10:03:30 PM): That’s correct.

RoMont01 (10:03:50 PM): I’m sorry if I hurt you, and I wish you luck.

JulCap13 (10:05:36 PM): you didn’t hurt me bc i don’t know you

JulCap13 (10:06:05 PM): i just think you are judgemental bc you are basesing things on one like 5 min convo

JulCap13 (10:07:08 PM): I’m not saying that we are right for each other but now we will never know but i’m cool with that bc i don’t like judgemental ppl

RoMont01 (10:07:10 PM): Judgmental, maybe. I think we all analyze situations and people to determine what situations/people we are interested in spending more time with, and that which we are not.

RoMont01 (10:07:38 PM): Okay, you are welcome to believe whatever you want about me…

JulCap13 (10:08:55 PM): sorry what i mean tto say is this: I’m a very complex girl and it takes more than one converstion with me to figure out whether or not a person likes me

JulCap13 (10:09:38 PM): I must say you are very different than what I am used to

RoMont01 (10:09:38 PM): Fair enough.

RoMont01 (10:09:44 PM): In what way?

JulCap13 (10:10:26 PM): Well most guys are soo attracted to me that they are willing to at least to meet me first before they make that decision unless I have told them otherwise

JulCap13 (10:10:35 PM): but you

JulCap13 (10:10:49 PM): you don’t care wht I look like and that’s different to me

RoMont01 (10:11:06 PM): You may be absolutely beautiful. You probably are.

RoMont01 (10:11:35 PM): And if that’s the case, then you will have no problem.

JulCap13 (10:11:46 PM): I just wish you had gotten to know me before you made that decision

JulCap13 (10:12:07 PM): I don’t have aproblem

RoMont01 (10:12:23 PM): Good to know.

JulCap13 (10:14:29 PM): I know when we had our convo I was complianing and being negative bc I am dealing with an internship I absolutely hate but that’s not who I am and that’s why I told you that you got the wrong impression of me

JulCap13 (10:14:56 PM): bc for all you know I could have been right for you but i guess now you will never know

RoMont01 (10:15:09 PM): Yep, I will never know.

JulCap13 (10:15:36 PM): well then I guess it sucks to be you

RoMont01 (10:15:46 PM): Possibly.

JulCap13 (10:15:54 PM): and i guess it will teach you not to be soo judgemental

RoMont01 (10:16:03 PM): next time

RoMont1 (10:16:07 PM): Maybe.

JulCap13 (10:16:22 PM): plus I like guys that dig me more than you did

JulCap13 (10:16:37 PM): that’s ehat i was going to tell you if you had called me

JulCap13 (10:16:43 PM): to be more proactive

RoMont01 (10:17:18 PM): Then maybe it’s best that nothing more transpired, anyways. And thus, it doesn’t suck to be either of us.

JulCap13 (10:17:51 PM): nope it still sucks to be you

JulCap13 (10:18:07 PM): can’t runaway from your mistakes

RoMont01 (10:18:06 PM): Then so be it. I don’t think there’s much further that needs to be said here.

JulCap13 (10:18:15 PM): nope

JulCap13 (10:18:18 PM): done

JulCap13 (10:18:20 PM): bye

RoMont01 (10:18:23 PM): Goodbye.


10 Responses to ““You Don’t Care What I Look Like and That’s Different To Me””

  1. Lissa said

    I’m sorry, you are pathetic and vain. Poor guy, I can’t believe he listened to you for that long!!

  2. Tom said

    Lol that was funny, the entire time the guy was trying to end the convo but you just never shut up…

  3. Interested Mind said

    Wow: It is always entertaining to focus on other people’s problems because it takes the focus off of yourself, but seriously JulCap13…You need to read this over and over and over until you realize that conversation was a little crazy on your end. How many times did you want to force the poor guy to tell you he is not interested. Come on girl. have soem pride!!

  4. sam22 said

    oh my god, girl! you are a bitch. You call a guy and do nothing but bitch and complain when you are supposed to be trying to make a good first impression. Don’t look for relationships if you aren’t willing to accept that every guy isn’t going to be drooling over you. It obviously hasn’t worked out that well for you anyway, since you’re still single. Get over yourself and leave this poor guy alone. I wouldn’t have called you back either!

  5. g said

    lol…this is some funny sh*t…man, some people just don’t have a clue…

  6. The Wilde Family said

    JulCap13, that poor man is just too mature for such an infantile person and conversation. Well said interested mind.

  7. pinnacleblog said

    My suggestion would be to ask yourself what is really important to you? What do you really want? What makes you happy? What can you do to support yourself?

    All the best!!

  8. Linds said

    Wow! It seems like it was for the best. He sounded way to mature for her.

  9. candy blackmail said

    A word of advice to all men:

    When you hear a woman utter “I’m a very complex girl..”, that’s your red flag that she’s a touch bat-shit crazy.

  10. hahaha said

    haha! some people are just so clueless and vain!

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