December 11, 2008

Backstory: “Ross” and “Rachel” were coworkers who began an intensely romantic relationship, despite the fact that Ross was planning to move away that winter. When the move came, they said a tearful goodbye and Rachel promised to visit him in the spring. After he moved, Ross and Rachel called each other every day and talked for hours on end. The night before she planned to visit him, Ross repeatedly told Rachel over the phone that he loved her, and that he would call her for the entirety of her 16 hour drive. After packing up her car, she checked her email one last time before she left and found this in her inbox:

I am writing you as fast as I can. I just got the call tonight that I am to start working my new position tomorrow. I am scheduled for the rest of the week. I hope this doesn’t screw you up too much.

Okay I know this isnt that fantastic. I will talk to you later… maybe we should break up? Please don’t drive down.


6 Responses to “Roadtrip”

  1. Rachel said

    Been there. Done that.
    It makes you want to punch somebody doesn’t it?

  2. Grace said

    That’s absolutely horrible. 😦
    Then again, there’s a reason people say most guys are heartless jerks.

  3. Interested Mind said

    Ross is either sleeping with someone else or just met someone and thinks the grass is greener on the other side…Most men do, however, they are usually wrong!!!! Move on girl—Sorry, I just got out of a long distance stinger too!!!

  4. emily said

    sounds a lot like my ex.

  5. cand said

    ouch what a shit head

  6. Linds said

    Ehh…usually guys aren’t very considerate…as I’ve recently learned! He sounds like a real jerk!! Move on!

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