“He Proved His Love By Tattooing My Designed Drawing On His Arm”

December 18, 2008

A relationship rant from one of our readers:

Could it be us as female generation; are so naïve that we believe in every little things that guys promise? It was about 3 months ago where “B” asked me out on a date after promising my hand in marriage. We have been friends for good 3 years and the attraction was always there, however he was still married so I strictly stayed friends with him. He got divorced 4 months ago and right after that started dating me and leading me on into getting married and having children with him, however I am not ready for that type of commitments since I still got two more years to get my Bachelor of Arts degree, and also not to mention the career that is going to be ahead of me. I am only 20 years old and B is 38 years old. Despite the age difference that we both had to deal with, he was divorced twice and had a daughter (my age). Call it twisted relationship, I already knew that my family wouldn’t accept him so therefore I never introduced him to my family till things were finalized. Days went by and we grew stronger feelings for each other. I made sacrifices such as avoiding what people had to say behind my back (she is a gold digger, or calling me attention whore). He proved his love by tattooing my designed drawing on his arm, which included a picture of my face and also he gave me his house keys. However, things went sour after that.

Tattoos don’t solve everything, we’re afraid. Find out what happened after the jump.

He broke up with me because I was becoming like his ex-wife, I was starting to ask questions and he didn’t like answer to it. I simply asked him 2 questions because I found some evidences at his house that he might be doing drugs even though I knew he was anti-drug. His other reason was that he wanted to meet my parents so badly but I wasn’t allowing it (he thought I wasn’t taking him serious). Another stupid reason was that I didn’t trust him. Right!!! For his birthday I was throwing him girls to dance with him while either I was talking to the guest or having a drink with my girls. The break up was harsh, because he was saying everything straight up as if he didn’t have any feeling. I told him that I really did loved him yet he turned around and said how could a person be in love with in 3 months! I wouldn’t call it being in love, but I respected him enough to spend my best times with him. During our break up, I didn’t shed a tear; in fact I did the opposite. I told him, ” I hope you know what you are doing!” he said, “I actually don’t know what I am doing, this is a 50/50 % chance, I only have one more shot at love and about two more years to find that person”. I smiled and told him, ” You will not be able to find any body better than me”. I know sounds biter but it was the truth. He wanted to be friends, which he mentioned 3 times, but I simply couldn’t stand seeing him with other girls and surely knew he wasn’t ready to see me with other guys. Even before our relationship he was having hard time with the guys that I was dating with. Anyways, at the end of our conversation I hugged him good-bye and he seemed all mad and looking downward to the ground. I asked him, “Why so mad, we are good! You got what you wanted! Now give me a hug, I need to catch up with my stuff”. He barley approached me to give me a hug, thinking if he is doing the right thing! As I turned around to get out of the Starbucks, two guys were coming in, I smiled at them as they both were hysterically looking at me and giving a sexy smile, just hope he saw what he lost. It’s been two weeks since our break up, I haven’t heard anything from him and I am not willing to lower myself to call him but honestly I have been missing him a lot. It is matter of time for me to forget about him but I hate going through this process called feeling heart broken.


12 Responses to ““He Proved His Love By Tattooing My Designed Drawing On His Arm””

  1. LP said

    This is very strange, what does it mean to have someone hysterically looking at you? I have a very funny mental picture.

  2. tayallison said

    He asked you on a date after promising your hand in marriage?

    This post is twelve shades of crazy. But it does make me feel better about my own mental state.

  3. Kathy said


  4. Interested Mind said

    I am not trying to judge, but when a man wants to date or sleep with someone who is the same age as his daughter, you should be concerned (Especially when you say that you have been friends for 3 years, which means he had interest in you when you only 17). If you are afraid to tell your own parents about someone you are dating, it usually means something. Trust your instincts. You sound like an intelligent young lady with a lot of goals. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. I know it is hard to see it sometimes, but older guys sometimes pray on younger females because women of their age would not put up with their bullshit. Also I have to point out something…In your story, you write that you asked him about drugs because you found evidence in his house that he could be using, but in the same sentence you said he was anti-drug. Please read that statement to yourself again and again and again. If you find evidence of drug-use, he is most likely not “anti-drug.”
    I know sometimes it is hard to think someone you care about would be dishonest with you, but some people can be quite manipulitive. It doesn’t sound like this person has a great track record and he has had a lot of years to practice his manipulitive skills. Hope everything works out for you and again…Focus on what you want and on the people in your life you can trust and be honest with.
    Take Care

  5. Interested Mind said

    And listen to Kathy’s advice!!!!!! It is well said =)

  6. juniper said

    hysterically wondering which hollywood script you pulled this one from. *YAWN*

  7. Dezire Hunt said

    forget and find someone better

  8. g said

    this is crazy…people giving advice on one person’s point of view…there’s always three side to a story; yours, his and the truth…from your perspective it sounds a little strange that he gave you his house keys and got a tattoo of you and he still questioned your love for him…i have two things to say, first, he sounds like a dumbass and second his wife was a whore…

  9. andrew said

    Run Run Run and i agree with kathy and also with interested mind buy saying anti drug user my ass if he is anti drug user you would find no evidence around the house I am a anti drug user but you wont find baggies of crack just laying about. if you need some one to talk to get it if not then chat up the three wise people kathy, Interested Mind, and me andrew

  10. Aliza said

    i agree with the ppl above…and why would he tattoo you on his arm but not think you could love each other in 3 months…arent tattoos kinda a big deal? im not here to judge, ive made bad mistakes, but i just wanted you to be aware of what you have written…I TOTALLY AGREE WITH INTERESTED MIND….

  11. Rod said

    HI… Interesting read….relationships are complicated at the best of times….
    You posted from your heart, and that is what maters.

  12. Alexsandria said

    Wow. People are dumb.

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