“You Can Just Click Delete Without Responding”

December 19, 2008

Hey Dirk,

This is Jessica from Friday…I just wanted to apologize for acting so crazy to you. It is really unusual for me to be so indecisive. I was very very drunk. And I think I mentioned to you at the time that I just got out of a long relationship, and when things started happening with us I started to get freaked out just because it had been so long since I had been with anyone else. And in combination with the alcohol, I was just really freaking out. It’s also sort of unusual for me to kiss someone I don’t know really well.

I was going to call you and apologize but I wasnt sure you would want to hear from me (because youre probably understandably irritated). An email you can at least just click “delete” without responding. But I wanted to clear things up because I didn’t want you to think that it was you or anything you did, you seem like a great person, I was just a little crazy that night. Also, if you saw Laura’s pictures and are thinking “wtf and who is that guy,” its just a friend of mine who is really touchy with anyone, so please don’t think that I ditched you for some other guy or something.

Ok, hopefully this isn’t making you more irritated than before, I just wanted to clear the air. Maybe I’ll see you out tomorrow (if you don’t hate me).

have a great hump day,


3 Responses to ““You Can Just Click Delete Without Responding””

  1. andrew said


    As a guy We dont care who the other guy in the pictures is. We also dont need the long life history of why you where feaking out I know you dont know me but trust me when I tell you a hello derick its jessica I want to know if you would like to get some _________ how about it. If he says no not right now then say when ever you want to just let me know and let it go at that dont call dont write dont phone a friend just wait if hw is interested and he is just let him think he rules the remote and he will be back. If this seems weird I have been dumped and dumped with the best of them and Meeting the new people is hard but you have to learn about signals everyone has them. take care and dont worry so much just relax be yourself and you will see it works.


  2. tayallison said

    I think my favorite part of this post is: “a friend of mine who is really touchy with anyone.”

    Followed closely by: “have a great hump day.”

  3. candy blackmail said

    Dear Jessica,

    No hard feelings, thanks for writing.

    Btw, speaking of Laura, she’s kinda hot. Do you know if she’s seeing anyone at the moment?


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