December 22, 2008

Backstory: When “Brad” and “Angie” met, they had instant chemistry. Things got serious only after a few days, and Angie thought she found a true connection. Yet shortly thereafter, Brad told Angie that he had a live-in girlfriend of five years. In an attempt to end whatever they had at the time, Angie sent Brad this email:


the last two weeks of knowing you was great. i dnt regret knowing you, sharing and doing all the stuff. i was surprised how great our friendship turned out to be despite all our differences and limited time. i used to think that maybe when we are given a chance to be together you can realize that maybe we have a chance and that we really were brought together by fate to meet. i like you and all the possible things that we can be. but all my life i learned to think with my mind and not with my heart and i know the reality is. you love her too much and i cnt match that. i dnt think i can ever match what you and she have… and i respect that.

i wanted not to be friends with you because its hard being friends with someone you know you’ll have other feelings for. i just want to shield myself from the hurt that you can give me unintentionally. iv tried so long and hard to protect myself from this kind of hurt. i could have tried fighting for u, for us but we both know that is a worthless cause. so please understand. this is very hard for me too.. it is.

thank you for opening yourself up to me. for letting me know u and share things with u. for making me laugh and think that i am still capable of loving and be loved. i learned a lot from this.

i wish for you to be happy. maybe someday if fate is still at our side we can meet and be friends for real. ill miss you always.

– angie


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