Top 5 of 2008

December 23, 2008

So we totally ripped this idea off of Jezebel but we thought it would be perfect for Just Been Dumped.  Without further ado, here are the top 5 Just Been Dumped guys and girls of 2008:

#5 The Love-Starved Artist

He proved his love by tattooing my designed drawing on his arm, which included a picture of my face and also he gave me his house keys. However, things went sour after that.

He broke up with me because I was becoming like his ex-wife…

#4 The Potty Mouth

the difference between us is that my shit fucks up MY LIFE, whereas your shit completely fucks up the lives of other people. i’m jealous, i wish that i wasn’t the sole victim of my own insanity; i think it would be a lot easier to just fuck up other people’s lives and keep on plugging, thinking it’s all justified. good for you. bad for me. and your next g/f (victim).

#3 The Proselytizer

I do not tout myself as the perfect Christian, but I went to church yesterday and was filled with a tranquility and confidence that I can only get at one place.  This works for me, you might have a different path

#2 The Procrastinator

Okay I know this isnt that fantastic. I will talk to you later… maybe we should break up? Please don’t drive down

#1 The Sentimental Narcissist

JulCap13 (10:10:26 PM): Well most guys are soo attracted to me that they are willing to at least to meet me first before they make that decision unless I have told them otherwise

JulCap13 (10:10:35 PM): but you

JulCap13 (10:10:49 PM): you don’t care wht I look like and that’s different to me


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