“Well, It’s Just Pizza, I Don’t Give a Shit.”

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year from JustBeenDumped! Judging by the number of emails you sent in over our little holiday vay-cay, we’re going to have a busy 2009. Here’s one to get the year started off right:

Backstory: “Whitney” and “Jay” had been casually dating for a few months, and Whitney was very happy with the status of their relationship. But soon Whitney realized that Jay wanted something more substantial. When Whitney told Jay that she didn’t want to be in a serious relationship, Jay decided to call it quits altogether. Whitney attempted to salvage a friendship with Jay, but he wasn’t ready for that, as he explains in this email:

well i’ll tell you the most awkward thing for me, and that’s that i feel like you don’t care at all that we’re not dating. like i might as well have been your pizza deliver boy and said, “i’m sorry, but i can’t deliver your pizzas anymore.” and you’re like “well, it’s just pizza, i don’t give a shit.”

i know that, at least in part, you’ve been careful not to say certain things in the past because you haven’t wanted me to misinterpret them, or over-interpret them, or get the wrong idea. but you talk about your emotions so little that i feel like you have no emotional feelings for me at all–as a friend or otherwise. and i don’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t have an emotional connection with me.

i find myself even wanting to make you mad, because at least then maybe you’d show some emotion. but i feel like nothing penetrates you. i’m very frustrated.



4 Responses to ““Well, It’s Just Pizza, I Don’t Give a Shit.””

  1. caleb nelson said

    Dude, this guy was getting free poonanny with no commitment. Why complain?

  2. Hunter said

    > but i feel like nothing penetrates you. i’m very frustrated.

    I feel like this might be part of your problem, jay. Nothing penetrates her? That -is- frustrating.

  3. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  4. anna said

    omg, I’m like in the exact situation,except i’m the chick who dumped him.

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