January 7, 2009

Backstory: “Meredith” and “McDreamy” started dating while McDreamy was a medical student. School took up most of his time, so Meredith didn’t get to see him as much as she wanted. This was especially true during his final exams, when Meredith didn’t see McDreamy for two weeks. He finally came over to Meredith’s house the Sunday after his exams were over, and everything seemed great. On his way out, McDreamy told Meredith that he had signed up to do a surgery the next day, and he would call her after it was over. But Monday came and went without a phone call. Meredith called him on Tuesday, and he didn’t call back. She tried again on Wednesday, and didn’t hear back. After a week went by without hearing from him, Meredith sent the following email:


So, you’ve disappeared. I assume it’s because you have lost interest and don’t have the balls to tell me. What makes this even more of a dick-move is your actions on Sunday. You told me about how your schedule would open up and you would have more time to get together. You also told me you would call me on Monday and tell me about your surgery and let me know what the rest of your week would be like. Why would you go into so much detail when really you weren’t planning to follow through on any of it? Why would you even bother coming to see me if you weren’t interested anymore. If you had any respect for me you would have told me prior to your round of tests/finals so that I wouldn’t have wasted anymore time on you. I sent you those texts and emails to show my support, they weren’t for my benefit. I still would like to know what happened, and I hope that you can man-up and tell me.



7 Responses to ““Man-Up””

  1. pinkie said

    i hate it when guys just decide that they will disappear on us without leaving a trace. what’s worse is they always promise to do things for us. happens to me all the time too

  2. N said

    EXACTLY. I mean, why say you’ll call the next day when you know you’ll take FOREVER to do something simple as that? It’s really frustrating and I feel like kicking him in the bollocks right now.

  3. Kev said

    You hate it when guys do that? Women are the world champions when it comes to this!

  4. Lily said

    No kidding… i don’t know what’s worst: they forgot about it entirely when you are waiting and worrying yourself sick; knew you were waiting but ignored you anyway; died somehow or majorly injured.

  5. Linds said

    Guys do it a lot more than girls! In fact, I don’t know any women who do that!! If I say I’m gonna call a guy the next day then I call him the next day!

  6. K. C. said

    Why do people attempt (unsuccessfully of course) to borrow a page out of an Ian Flemming special? You are not a fracking secret agent! Do not attempt to disappear like one! You will be found, held accountable and ashamed!

  7. L.C. said

    Guys, really, if you’re not interested anymore, just say it straight. If you think it’ll hurt, you’re right. But what hurts more is if you string us along and make us think things are okay when they’re obviously not on your end. Men complain that they can’t read women’s minds, well, FYI, women can’t decipher your mixed messages either.

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