“That’s Just the Way I’m Wired”

January 12, 2009

Backstory: “Audrina” and “Justin Bobby” had been dating for a while, but after Audrina’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, their relationship began to sour. Justin Bobby started to resent how much time Audrina was spending with her family. He would get angry at Audrina for not being able to keep up with him while riding dirt-bikes, one of his favorite pasttimes. Eventually, he stopped calling her. After two weeks, Audrina called him to schedule a time for her to pick up some stuff she left at his apartment. The day after she gathered her things, Audrina received this email:

Hansens..+, Glasses..+, Recliner..+, Favorite font and hit “Bold”..+
…………deep breath, and type……………

I think one of the problems with guys is we don’t talk when things bother us; Me for sure. I’d opt to be silent for a week or two until it went away. Girls talk right away.

Your home situation (I realize not your fault) was wearing thin. Curfew was good when I/we were 14. But after a brief period of being spoiled with sleep-overs and coffee/tea in the morning it was difficult, at best, to go back to Jr. High.

Last few times you came over I was a bit mad knowing you had to go soon. Now evident to both of us, as I look back on the less-than-Byron-like goodbyes.

When I think about it, I’m not sure talking about it would have helped. It sucked and that was the way it was.

The last time we went riding, I realized that was the last time we were going riding. Both for your physical health, and my mental health. It is definitely not your game. But I was content to let you limp along out there, time after time, and swallow my frustration with the lack of progress, until the shoulder crash.

It could have been worse, what would happen next time?

I would have called, eventually, probably by now. Just needed a little time…….That’s just the way I’m wired. I got all the text’s and e-mails, I just wasn’t ready yet.

Then I got the message asking for a good day for you to pick-up your stuff. That irritated me and I called immediately after receiving that message. Told you a good day to get your stuff. Then you through the “So that’s it, you don’t want to talk about it” at me. “I didn’t want to talk yet, that’s why I haven’t called you” I thought to myself. I think I just told you “No.”

I guess that’s about it, damn you sure did have a lot of stuff over here………look at all the room, it echos in here………


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