How to Turn Your Ex Into Ancient History

January 28, 2009

If you thought cyberspace just wasn’t permanent enough for your failed relationships, here’s the museum version of JustBeenDumped. Kind of like the Smithsonian of break-ups, a place where you can walk the halls of the dumped, the jilted and the rejected. It’s called the Museum of Broken Relationships, and it’s an exercise in memorializing and moving on from what its curators call “emotional collapse”.  Located in Croatia, exhibits now on display include everything from romantic letters to a leg prosthesis donated by a war veteran who fell in love with his physiotherapist.

Here’s a highlight from one of the exhibits, called simply the innocuous “I Love You” Teddy Bear:


„I love you“ – WHAT A LIE! LIES, DAMN LIES! Yes, it’s like that when you are young, naïve and in love. And you don’t realize your boyfriend started dating you just because he wanted to take you to bed! I got this teddy bear for Valentine’s. He survived on top of a wardrobe in a plastic bag. Only because it wasn’t him who hurt me, but the idiot who left him behind.

We at JustBeenDumped were not surprised to hear that the museum has enjoyed much success since its first display. In fact, it’s gotten so popular that now it’s soliciting artifacts from the general public for exhibition. According to the museum founders, Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubišić, it “offers every individual the chance to overcome the emotional collapse through creation, by contributing to the holdings of the Museum. The individual gets rid of controversial objects, triggers of momentarily undesirable emotions, by turning them into museum exhibits.”

After you register, you can add your own virtual exhibit, including letters, gifts, or a selection of pics from the standard photobooth gallery of you and your ex. Or, if you have a shrine more than a shoe box full of sentimental artifacts, you can host your own exhibit–and get this, the museum will provide publicity to market the project. So, forget the self help books and your scratched “Bridget Jones” DVDs, and let the Museum of Broken Relationships help you put your past behind you.


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