A close relative of the email break up is the text message break up.  These little tokens of non-appreciation, often occuring between the hours of 1 and 4am,  are the prime choice of break up by the type of person we like to call “the low life.”  Email is impersonal enough, but text is downright cowardly. (We once got a text using “drinx” instead of “drinks.” Seriously. It was embarrassing for everyone involved.) But, after the initial shock and awe of a break up over text, once that wtf moment wears off, the realization that you were actually broken up with via text can become sort of amusing.  So why not memorialize them as we do here with emails, in a manner that pokes fun at the sender?

Well, that’s just what the creator of a new blog, Text From The Ex, has done. Instead of merely posting text messages, however, she takes it one step further and actually embroiders them, photographs her artwork, and displays it for all the world to see.

For example, here’s the text message that started it all:


And here’s our personal favorite, sent by an ex-boyfriend:


If you’ve ever been the recipient of a text message break-up, you can send it in to the site to see it displayed via cross-stitch. Now if only we had thought of that…or knew how to sew.