Nick and Vanessa had been dating for about three months, but they had known each other for about seven.  Even though there was an age gap, she was 18 and he was 24, everything seemed to be going great….or so Vanessa thought. A week after meeting his sister, and neighbors, Nick suddenly broke up with Vanessa. Actually, it gets worse…he broke up with her the day before PROM.  Vanessa was so hurt she left Nick’s house without waiting to hear the rest of his explanation. Later, she received this: 


I wanted to finish saying what I started…you are truly a wonderful person. You have acheived much in your ever growing indepence, even without the loving support or consent of your family. I am happy to have met you and moved by your perseverance. I am wrong for not being up-front about things to begin with. I was (am) attracted to you and who you are, but failed in telling you the simple truth at the time. I have had some difficulties in my life over the years and I am still growing into the ever complexities of this society. Unfortunately, not you or anyone can be a part of my path, for the time being. School is my biggest priority and all its obstacles therein and I am faced with its mounting pressures every day. However, it has been wonderful getting to know you and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and accept what is. I am still learning to do just that; accepting what is. Please do not be a stranger, but I understand if you do not want to talk to me. I wish you only the best and happiness. Thank you for everything Vanessa and again, I am sincerely sorry.



Mark and Maria started off as friends. When they first met, they both knew they had made an instant connection and had found something very special. But, Mark and Maria lived in different cities. To keep in touch, they decided to exchange email addresses and despite the distance, their friendship grew stronger. Sometimes Maria would share with Mark the troubles she was having in her marriage. She had thoughts of leaving her husband, but Mark, a devoted Christian, told Maria to stick with it, especially for the sake of her two boys. Eventually, their feelings grew from friendship to romance. One day, Mark told Maria how he truly felt even though he knew it was what he called a “hopelessly impossible situation of love…” because, not only was Maria married, Mark was too.

Throwing caution to the wind, that summer, Mark flew to see Maria where they made love and took long walks on the beach. Mark wrote Maria “You have the ability to give magnificently gentle kisses. … I love your tan lines … the curves of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself)… in the faded glow of night’s light.”

But, there was a big problem. Mark was the Governor of South Carolina. And his wife had found out about his affair. He struggled to let his feelings for Maria go, but Mark couldn’t bear to be away from her. After telling his staff that he was going on a hike in the woods, Mark secretly flew to Argentina to be reunited with his love one last time.

Below are the emails between Mark and Maria upon realizing their love, in this life at least, was doomed. ( You can read more of the emails between these star-crossed lovers at

From: Mark Sanford

To: Maria

Subject: RE:

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 00:24:54 -0400

Sweetest, It was indeed a long day. I am most jealous of your salad under the palm tree. Three thoughts in one note now that I have a moment. One the travel schedule is about to get real busy (and this distresses me for the way it may well make it more difficult to get your notes over the next few weeks), two unfortunately all the feelings you describe are mutual, and three where do we go from here?

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June 23, 2009

After 3 dates:

hey pam,

it was certainly my pleasure. it’s been really great getting to know you the last couple weeks. but i have a feeling that i’m going to have to pass on a future hang-out session. i’m sorry, i don’t have a particularly logical reason, just a feeling.

hope you’re feeling better,

Backstory:  “Heidi” had been seeing “Spencer” off and on for the past year and a half.   One night they got into a huge fight and broke up. To scare Heidi, Spencer lied and told her that he had HIV. Heidi freaked out and made an appointment to get tested right away, but that night she couldn’t sleep at all.  To make matters worse, Spencer and Heidi work together. The next day, they had the following gchat at the office…


9:03:39 AM Spencer: LOL

9:03:42 AM Spencer: ITS ALL GOOD


9:07:07 AM Heidi: what part of dont talk to me dont you understand


9:07:22 AM Spencer: NYAH

9:07:28 AM Spencer: I OWN U SHAWTY

9:07:42 AM Heidi: pay backs grow up your not a chils remember

9:07:49 AM Spencer: YOUR BROKE

9:07:56 AM Heidi: own you dont own nothing


9:08:30 AM Heidi: unless i come correct ? whats that spose to mean WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME HONESTLY

9:09:06 AM Spencer: NADA


9:09:24 AM Spencer:  DONT CALL ME WITH BS

9:09:28 AM Spencer:  DONT MAKE JOKES

9:09:32 AM Spencer:  ACT RIGHT OR GET LOST

9:09:43 AM Heidi: act right where was i in the wrong

9:12:16 AM Heidi: you were wrong last not not me and you owe me an apology you have to give respect to get it spence

9:13:03 AM Spencer: HELL NAW I DONT


9:13:18 AM Spencer:  I GAVE YOU TOOLS

9:13:44 AM :: Spencer is away ::

9:16:50 AM Heidi: you gave me NOTHING spence and you didnt take me in

9:18:44 AM Heidi: the only thing you showed me is how hateful people and really be no matter how much you do for them and how good there are to you i was always there for you and i never judged you and you true colors now show you are un gratful cold person who will never be happy and im sorry i hope for nothing but the best for you have a great life

9:30:17 AM :: Spencer is available ::

9:30:40 AM Spencer: umkay children

9:30:47 AM Spencer: thank you for your dissertation

9:30:56 AM Spencer: glad you learned something in college

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Backstory: “Dawson” and “Joey” met at an airport and hit it off right away. But Joey didn’t want things to get too serious, since she was already planning on moving to a different city. But after she moved away, their relationship progressed quickly, and Dawson and Joey spent hours each day texting and talking on the phone. Eight months passed, and Joey thought things were going smoothly. But on Dawson’s birthday, when she tried to call him several times and got no response, Joey knew something was wrong. A few days later, she received the following text:

I just wanted to tell you that I am seeing someone here. Don’t know why cz I still love you.

They argued over the phone and via text message for a few days. Eventually, Joey gave up and sent Dawson the following email:


You know what… I thought about our situation last night…

I always told you that you can keep your options open, and always knew that you did. So you found someone you like and started seeing her. Totally understandable.

Whatever you did might have been right, but how you did it was wrong. I didn’t deserve this treatment. You could at least have kept me posted. But of course you were too busy with your new life. So you ignored me, ignored my calls, messages, gave me crap about you loving me and wanting to talk to me etc and switched your phone off that evening.

This has negated everything you said to me before. You never loved me, and I am glad I didn’t get into any relationship with you. But yes, thanks for educating me that life is not always a fairytale and I need to learn to deal with real people (like you). You have hurt me Dawson (and of course it doesn’t matter now).

You were right… I am way out of your league. I don’t think you deserve to be with me.

So Mr. Leary… You are officially out of my life. Enjoy!


Remember 1-Date Blake? The sometimes “enigmatic jerk” with the “luxery set” of kisses? Well, even if you don’t, the recipient of his email sure does. So she was more than a little surprised to have the following online conversation with him a few months after she “blew it:”

1DateBlake:Hii hello
LuxeryBlake:How are you?
Melissa0205:good you?
1DateBlake:doing fine, being a monkey at workw
1DateBlake:What’s news in your world?
Melissa0205:I’m thinking you don’t remember that we’ve already
met. I actually have a great email from you: Hmm, well that’s all well
and disappointing. Oh well, nothing I can do about chemistry.
Apparently I thought it was there, I should have tapped more into my
enigmatic jerk side, that one usually works more in my favor. Live and
learn. It was fun. And my kisses are pretty great. That one was the
most basic I have. You should see the luxery set. You blew it. [:-l
Melissa0205:haha, i’m not trying to be an ass, it just seems
super funny to me
Melissa0205:haha 🙂
1DateBlake:ohhhhhhhh hyeaaah
1DateBlake:forgetful forgetful me
Melissa0205:i’m laughing out loud
1DateBlake:heheh, it is pretty fun
1DateBlake:the mind remembers what the mind wants.
Melissa0205:fantastically awkard/funny
1DateBlake:If I cared more, i would be blushing right now 🙂
Melissa0205:of course you wouldn’t care, “I blew it” 🙂
Melissa0205:bye blake 🙂

One of our female readers received this email from a potential suitor on So it isn’t really a break up email. In fact, it’s sort of the opposite. But we’re going to post it anyway. Why? Because it is a great example of what NOT to do, whether you’re a man or a woman. So cut us some slack and enjoy. And if you use a dating website, please, take notes. We’ll help you out along the way.


One date guarantee: After one date if you are not totally satisfied with me as a perspective partner, you can return me to the pool of guys AT NO CHARGE!! 🙂 JBD Lesson 1: Emoticons are not masculine, unless they are used ironically. And even then… No annoying phone calls to make, no forms to fill out, no texts to make!!! JBD Lesson 2: Unless you are under age 14, please use exclamation points sparingly. You should not exceed a maximum of 4 per email, with no more than 2 used in succession.

I hope my opening made you laugh, sometimes its hard to get noticed on Match, I am sure you get more emails than you can handle in a day. Some of my female friends tell me I should offer a “no A-Hole guarantee” from some of the stories they tell, I think I should change my opening line..LOL!! JBD Lesson 3: No “LOLs.” None. Not ever.

Since I haven’t been meeting the right people I decided to try something different. Most of my friends are no help, they seem to be rarely around due to being on the “couples circuit”, LOL!!! JBD Lesson 4: See Lessons 2 and 3. Also, don’t hint that single people are pathetic. The girl you’re emailing is single too, remember? I am just looking for someone to hang out with, go to dinner with or explore the city with.

Sorry to ramble, I have to cut this short, my lunch is burning….chicken in an Herb white wine marinade….yum… JBD Lesson 5: Just say that you like to cook. Don’t play games with us. We might be hungry and now you’re just making us mad.

So I have to ask, did you get your red hair from your mom or dad…or bottle but I shouldn’t ask that 🙂 LOL!!! JBD Lesson 6: You have effectively just asked if the carpet matches the drapes. Following that with an emoticon, an “LOL” and 857 exclamation points does not make this okay.

TTYL!!! 🙂 JBD Lesson 7: Sigh.

Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s been a while since our last post. We blame spring time. You know, the temperatures are rising, love is in the air, and it’s so much easier to make out on the street when you’re not wearing a parka. But no more! We at JustBeenDumped refuse to let a little thing like other people’s happiness get in the way of your amusement! We’ve searched the Internet and found a whole new batch of break up emails that are better than ever. And remember, you can always submit your own Email From The Morning After by sending it to It’s easy, anonymous, and virtually pain-free. Which is a lot better than most things you get the morning after.

Backstory: Maria and Tony had been dating for about 6 months when Maria started to feel like something was wrong. Tony stopped returning Maria’s phone calls and ignoring her emails. So Maria sought out Tony where she knew he could not hide — on Myspace.


Hey what’s up with you? Are you dumping me or what? It might be nice if you actually tried to let me know?


Three days later…


sorry i just been haveing some untainted meditation… just been haveing doubts in our relationship and i been needing some time to reflect and as you read you are prob. thinking that i should have let u know bout my meditation……but i didnt i just dont know if i do want to be with you


Eight hours later…


thats all i wanted to know. but the fact that you can’t have the balls to say it to my face is what bothers me. im always straight up with you. whatever i wont bother you anymore. i wont call you or message you or anything. but i NEED to know if this is the end so i can move on with my life. its your choice. i tried and i tried. in your meditation ask your self if you did.


Two days later…


when is you gonna get it through yo head…this has nothing to do with balls…at first i didnt want to talk to you ..then i was like man do i want to be with i wake and think that i really dont so yeah i guess this makes it official. sorry it had to end like this but it just had to.
um…but yeah hope we could still be cool