“This Has Nothing To Do With Balls.”

June 8, 2009

Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s been a while since our last post. We blame spring time. You know, the temperatures are rising, love is in the air, and it’s so much easier to make out on the street when you’re not wearing a parka. But no more! We at JustBeenDumped refuse to let a little thing like other people’s happiness get in the way of your amusement! We’ve searched the Internet and found a whole new batch of break up emails that are better than ever. And remember, you can always submit your own Email From The Morning After by sending it to justbeendumpedblog@gmail.com. It’s easy, anonymous, and virtually pain-free. Which is a lot better than most things you get the morning after.

Backstory: Maria and Tony had been dating for about 6 months when Maria started to feel like something was wrong. Tony stopped returning Maria’s phone calls and ignoring her emails. So Maria sought out Tony where she knew he could not hide — on Myspace.


Hey what’s up with you? Are you dumping me or what? It might be nice if you actually tried to let me know?


Three days later…


sorry i just been haveing some untainted meditation… just been haveing doubts in our relationship and i been needing some time to reflect and as you read you are prob. thinking that i should have let u know bout my meditation……but i didnt i just dont know if i do want to be with you


Eight hours later…


thats all i wanted to know. but the fact that you can’t have the balls to say it to my face is what bothers me. im always straight up with you. whatever i wont bother you anymore. i wont call you or message you or anything. but i NEED to know if this is the end so i can move on with my life. its your choice. i tried and i tried. in your meditation ask your self if you did.


Two days later…


when is you gonna get it through yo head…this has nothing to do with balls…at first i didnt want to talk to you ..then i was like man do i want to be with her..now i wake and think that i really dont so yeah i guess this makes it official. sorry it had to end like this but it just had to.
um…but yeah hope we could still be cool



7 Responses to ““This Has Nothing To Do With Balls.””

  1. charlotte said

    omg. i mean just the fact that he just couldnt come straight foward with you proves that hes got no balls.

  2. Maria said

    I’m “Maria”. Exactly what I said. I still can’t believe I got DUMPED on MYSPACE!!! But whatever that’s why “Tony” got all fat and seems to be experiencing pattern male baldness. HA! last laugh bitch!

  3. K. C. said

    “when yo gonna get it through yo head”… i would shoot myself the day i typed (not spoke, that is still acceptable, though just marginally) in such a manner. good riddance! maria’s better days are certainly ahead of her!

  4. candy blackmail said

    Any *boy* that flip flops like that in the breadth of two message doesn’t have the attention span to be in an adult relationship and isn’t worth your time.

  5. Maria said

    Wait netter yet He seems to be engaged to the girl he cheated on me with. HAHA good riddnace they are perfect for each other

  6. Victoria said

    omg this is so funny, something like this recently happened to me, I think this is a guys way of just breaking it off the nicest way possible, the difference between me and you is that when I didnt hear from him I didnt bother to make contact, if he cant come to you straight then theres no need for you to come to him, just move on, in relationships I realized you can do alot more with silence, then with talking, as strange as that sounds its the truth, you dont always have to have the last word

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