The Return of 1 Date Blake

June 16, 2009

Remember 1-Date Blake? The sometimes “enigmatic jerk” with the “luxery set” of kisses? Well, even if you don’t, the recipient of his email sure does. So she was more than a little surprised to have the following online conversation with him a few months after she “blew it:”

1DateBlake:Hii hello
LuxeryBlake:How are you?
Melissa0205:good you?
1DateBlake:doing fine, being a monkey at workw
1DateBlake:What’s news in your world?
Melissa0205:I’m thinking you don’t remember that we’ve already
met. I actually have a great email from you: Hmm, well that’s all well
and disappointing. Oh well, nothing I can do about chemistry.
Apparently I thought it was there, I should have tapped more into my
enigmatic jerk side, that one usually works more in my favor. Live and
learn. It was fun. And my kisses are pretty great. That one was the
most basic I have. You should see the luxery set. You blew it. [:-l
Melissa0205:haha, i’m not trying to be an ass, it just seems
super funny to me
Melissa0205:haha 🙂
1DateBlake:ohhhhhhhh hyeaaah
1DateBlake:forgetful forgetful me
Melissa0205:i’m laughing out loud
1DateBlake:heheh, it is pretty fun
1DateBlake:the mind remembers what the mind wants.
Melissa0205:fantastically awkard/funny
1DateBlake:If I cared more, i would be blushing right now 🙂
Melissa0205:of course you wouldn’t care, “I blew it” 🙂
Melissa0205:bye blake 🙂


2 Responses to “The Return of 1 Date Blake”

  1. lalala said

    what a stupid dude XD

  2. candy blackmail said

    What a douchebag.

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