“How You Did It Was Wrong”

June 18, 2009

Backstory: “Dawson” and “Joey” met at an airport and hit it off right away. But Joey didn’t want things to get too serious, since she was already planning on moving to a different city. But after she moved away, their relationship progressed quickly, and Dawson and Joey spent hours each day texting and talking on the phone. Eight months passed, and Joey thought things were going smoothly. But on Dawson’s birthday, when she tried to call him several times and got no response, Joey knew something was wrong. A few days later, she received the following text:

I just wanted to tell you that I am seeing someone here. Don’t know why cz I still love you.

They argued over the phone and via text message for a few days. Eventually, Joey gave up and sent Dawson the following email:


You know what… I thought about our situation last night…

I always told you that you can keep your options open, and always knew that you did. So you found someone you like and started seeing her. Totally understandable.

Whatever you did might have been right, but how you did it was wrong. I didn’t deserve this treatment. You could at least have kept me posted. But of course you were too busy with your new life. So you ignored me, ignored my calls, messages, gave me crap about you loving me and wanting to talk to me etc and switched your phone off that evening.

This has negated everything you said to me before. You never loved me, and I am glad I didn’t get into any relationship with you. But yes, thanks for educating me that life is not always a fairytale and I need to learn to deal with real people (like you). You have hurt me Dawson (and of course it doesn’t matter now).

You were right… I am way out of your league. I don’t think you deserve to be with me.

So Mr. Leary… You are officially out of my life. Enjoy!



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