“Whatever, your so full of shit your eyes are brown”

June 19, 2009

Backstory:  “Heidi” had been seeing “Spencer” off and on for the past year and a half.   One night they got into a huge fight and broke up. To scare Heidi, Spencer lied and told her that he had HIV. Heidi freaked out and made an appointment to get tested right away, but that night she couldn’t sleep at all.  To make matters worse, Spencer and Heidi work together. The next day, they had the following gchat at the office…


9:03:39 AM Spencer: LOL

9:03:42 AM Spencer: ITS ALL GOOD


9:07:07 AM Heidi: what part of dont talk to me dont you understand


9:07:22 AM Spencer: NYAH

9:07:28 AM Spencer: I OWN U SHAWTY

9:07:42 AM Heidi: pay backs grow up your not a chils remember

9:07:49 AM Spencer: YOUR BROKE

9:07:56 AM Heidi: own you dont own nothing


9:08:30 AM Heidi: unless i come correct ? whats that spose to mean WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME HONESTLY

9:09:06 AM Spencer: NADA


9:09:24 AM Spencer:  DONT CALL ME WITH BS

9:09:28 AM Spencer:  DONT MAKE JOKES

9:09:32 AM Spencer:  ACT RIGHT OR GET LOST

9:09:43 AM Heidi: act right where was i in the wrong

9:12:16 AM Heidi: you were wrong last not not me and you owe me an apology you have to give respect to get it spence

9:13:03 AM Spencer: HELL NAW I DONT


9:13:18 AM Spencer:  I GAVE YOU TOOLS

9:13:44 AM :: Spencer is away ::

9:16:50 AM Heidi: you gave me NOTHING spence and you didnt take me in

9:18:44 AM Heidi: the only thing you showed me is how hateful people and really be no matter how much you do for them and how good there are to you i was always there for you and i never judged you and you true colors now show you are un gratful cold person who will never be happy and im sorry i hope for nothing but the best for you have a great life

9:30:17 AM :: Spencer is available ::

9:30:40 AM Spencer: umkay children

9:30:47 AM Spencer: thank you for your dissertation

9:30:56 AM Spencer: glad you learned something in college

Yeah, it keeps going. And it gets much, much worse.

9:34:26 AM Heidi: stop

9:35:05 AM Spencer:  you left nasty messages, i wont forget. we are even as far im concerned

9:35:15 AM Spencer: you deserve to be panicked

9:35:28 AM Heidi: nothing i could ever do will compare what you have done to me

9:35:59 AM Spencer: is that right, ok then. sit down write it out then do the pro and cons and decide then

9:36:02 AM Spencer: your a sucker

9:36:11 AM Heidi: … but dont worry i have made an appt tom while im home to get checks

9:36:14 AM Heidi: pro and cons to what

9:36:30 AM Spencer: im not worried, im clean. not sure about you though

9:36:52 AM Heidi: well your the only one i have been with the past year so if i have anything than you do

9:37:07 AM Spencer: ok

9:37:15 AM Spencer: yee haw

9:37:25 AM Heidi: come to the front desk

9:37:33 AM Heidi: now the security guys are gone

9:37:39 AM Spencer: come to reality, im not your friggin bitch

9:37:50 AM Heidi: really cause i think thats what you think i am

9:37:53 AM Spencer: you aint shit baby

9:38:00 AM Heidi: i am a good perosn

9:38:04 AM Spencer: ha!@!!!!!

9:38:07 AM Spencer:  ok coke head

9:38:25 AM Heidi: really talk to mae about that sweety

9:38:44 AM Spencer:  she dont do that and keep my friends names out of your fowl mouth

9:38:49 AM Spencer:  my friends are mine

9:38:50 AM Heidi: fowl

9:38:51 AM Spencer: not yours

9:39:12 AM Spencer: your a piece of horse shit to attack someone who did nothing to you

9:39:17 AM Heidi: really your a child your friends are your s huh than why do you try talk to mine

9:39:18 AM Spencer: MAR

9:39:20 AM Spencer: get off my computer screen you whore

9:39:36 AM Spencer: hah you said you dont talk to her

9:39:44 AM Heidi: thats private

9:39:45 AM Spencer: but ill cut her off if your like that

9:39:51 AM Spencer:  whatever

9:39:59 AM Spencer: your so full of shit your eyes are brown

9:40:53 AM Heidi: ok spencer your an idiot

9:41:18 AM Heidi: come to the front desk spencer

9:42:03 AM Spencer: thanks your fat pizza face

9:42:46 AM Heidi: wow

9:43:03 AM Spencer: wow

9:43:30 AM Spencer: build a bridge

9:43:34 AM Spencer: and get over it

9:43:45 AM Heidi: STOP

9:43:51 AM Heidi: GROW UP

9:43:53 AM Spencer: stop

9:43:56 AM Spencer:  grow up

9:44:01 AM Spencer: dude your a child

9:44:05 AM Spencer: a babt

9:44:08 AM Spencer: baby

9:44:10 AM Heidi: i am your the one acting like one

9:44:12 AM Spencer:  barely able to drink

9:44:21 AM Spencer:  fresh off the high school boat

9:44:29 AM Spencer:  so young you dont even own a business outfit

9:44:32 AM Spencer: your a joke

9:44:32 AM Heidi:  least i finished high school

9:44:40 AM Spencer: oooo ouch

9:44:43 AM Spencer:  that stung

9:44:44 AM Spencer:  not

9:44:49 AM Spencer: your fat and ugly\

9:44:54 AM Spencer:  sucks to be you

9:45:01 AM Spencer:  id never trade my life for yours

9:45:04 AM Heidi:  your life sucks

9:45:25 AM Heidi: and your old bald yellow teeth and a beer gut and your hot friend mae is ugly nasty teeth with a lazy eye

9:45:38 AM Spencer: thanks

9:45:40 AM Heidi: not to mention your lil ….. 

9:45:52 AM Spencer:  awwww you never complained before but thanks

9:46:20 AM Spencer: fake bitch

9:46:38 AM Heidi: im the realist bitch you will ever meet honey

9:46:49 AM Spencer: nah

9:46:54 AM Heidi: i have NEVER been fake

9:46:57 AM Heidi: ever thats you son

9:46:58 AM Spencer: but nice ego

9:47:12 AM Spencer: hope your ballon dont pop

9:47:19 AM Spencer: when your old and ugly and alone

9:47:36 AM Heidi:  im not the one who going to be alone ncholas

9:47:38 AM Spencer: when keeping it real goes wrong

9:47:42 AM Heidi: you cant keep a friend for more than a month

9:47:46 AM Spencer: by choice but thanks for the info

9:47:49 AM Spencer: dont want to

9:47:55 AM Spencer:  fairweather friends suck

9:48:07 AM Heidi: you just dont know a good one when you have one

9:48:19 AM Spencer: and pyschotic manic depressed anxious over reactive ptsd victims suck too

9:48:22 AM Spencer:  thats you

9:48:35 AM Spencer: 22 year old “grown ups”

9:48:37 AM Heidi: please

9:48:43 AM Heidi: you need to see the doctor and get some new meds

9:48:50 AM Spencer: thanks

9:48:53 AM Heidi: you are soooo bi polar

9:49:10 AM Spencer: you should have taken the ones someone offered you but your to stubborn and scared

9:49:12 AM Spencer: coward

9:49:41 AM Heidi: your the coward a poor excuse for a man grow up

9:50:03 AM Spencer: come original sweety. be creative for once and have your own thoughts

9:50:10 AM Heidi: your harassing me at work and getting me upset please stop

9:50:12 AM Spencer: dont say i know you are but what am i pee wee

9:50:17 AM Spencer: pussy

9:50:23 AM Spencer: you wanna fight then punk out

9:50:28 AM Heidi: you are the one who copies everything you say from a song

9:50:31 AM Spencer: have it your way

9:50:38 AM Heidi: this is harassment so stop

9:50:43 AM Spencer: sure

9:50:49 AM Spencer: coward


5 Responses to ““Whatever, your so full of shit your eyes are brown””

  1. Jos. A. Bank said

    And they say there’s something wrong with the state of education in this country… I just pray these people never procreate.

  2. candy blackmail said

    I think I just lost a few IQ points reading this.

  3. Lindsey Rose said

    Wow, I would really like to know what kind of job these two have. They sound pretty stupid to me! I’m with you Candy, I think I lost some IQ points too.

  4. Victoria said

    wow this is so sad, the boy is a douche and the girl is dumb for entertaining his bullshit

  5. Cici Marie said

    I know how this is I am a smart woman but when my ex would start doing that shit i would get so angry that i would stoop as low as him and then id realize how much better than him i am. Keep your head up sweetie.

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