Amanda : Hi – can you just say you don’t wanna hang out anymore so I’m not confused

August 4, 2009

The following BBM conversation between “Luke” and “Amanda” was forwarded to JBD from a friend of a friend of a friend.  Since we can’t confirm its authenticity, we thought you’d be the judge.  Here’s the note “Luke” sent to his friend after a series of BBM exchanges with “Amanda”

Just so you know – I’ve only seen this girl once for a total of 8hrs,
including 3 that I was asleep. This convo was on BBM over a week and a half
– absolutely insane.

What do you think?

Amanda : Was last night weird
Luke : Weird? Just a little – your big sister is bff with my ex-gf
Amanda : No I mean us sleeping together
Amanda : I’m sorry though about the whole steph thing.  I now can imagine how that would be weird
Luke : I mean it was weird just cause the red eyes I took during the week
caught up to me and the fact we saw steph/chelsea who I associate with ex-gf
Amanda : I’m sorry.  Ill def remember that in the future..they’re some of my
good friends but no need to all hang out together
Luke : No worries
Amanda : K well have a good day at work
Amanda : And safe trip to boston and san fran
Luke : Thanks
Amanda : Ugh Thanks!  Talk to you later this week
Amanda : If not, that’s cool too
Luke : Well talk, have a good week at work
Amanda : If you don’t want to hang out, its cool
Luke : We’ll talk – just busy at work – and it’s awkward w/steph.
Amanda : Ok – I didn’t know you still had feelings for you exgf.   I’d
rather not be involved in all that
Luke : Alright, well we’ll talk when I get back from san fran
Amanda : I mean do you?
Luke : Sure
Amanda : Ok well I’m sure we’ll talk at some point.  Take care
Luke : We’ll talk – good luck with the new job this week
Amanda : And I didn’t realize it would be that weird for you
Amanda : Thanks – take care

Amanda : I was in your building this morning!
Luke : Here in midtown?
Amanda : Noo your apt!  One of our clients is marshalls and a sales rep
lives there.  We had to pick her up for a meeting in our office
Amanda : Very random
Amanda : Anyway thought I’d tell you
Luke : Sorry – meeting – yah, very random
Amanda : Hey – are you free to talk later
Luke : Hey – I’m getting crushed
Luke : Got to get a memo out at 7
Luke : Then a dinner uptown
Luke : And then I leave at 3am for boston
Amanda : No worries.  When are you back from san francisco
Luke : Thursday night/friday morning
Amanda : Okay we can talk then or whenever  Good luck with everything this
Amanda : And have a safe trip to boston and sf
Luke : Yah,of course
Luke : Thanks
Amanda : The reason why I was concerned is because I wanted to make sure you
still wanted to talk
Luke : Hey – do wanna talk. – I’m sorry just super busy
Amanda : Don’t worry about today being busy.  I was just concerned about you
still being upset about the steph thing
Amanda : Ill talk to you on friday.  Just know that I wanna talk and I’m
still interested
Luke : Alright, let’s friday
Luke : *talk
Amanda : Sounds good
Amanda : Hope san fran is good.  Just went to the boat basin w. Friends and
people I work with
Luke : San fran is good – lots of work unfortunately.  Glad you made it to
the basin – good place
Amanda : I actually met up w my ex and his friends who is going out with one
of girls I work with
Amanda : My ex suggested it.  Haha so I thought of you
Luke : Oh yikes
Amanda : it was an awkward night
Amanda : oh well
Amanda : K good luck with the work and get home safely!
Luke : Thanks
Luke : Have a goodnight
Amanda : You too.  I’m excited to see you
Amanda : It better happen this weekend
Amanda : K or maybe not
Luke : Hey – we’ll talk friday
Amanda : Ok – but I’d guess I’d like to know if you wanna hang out again
Amanda : I’m guessing then we:ll just talk about that on friday?
Amanda : K goodnight
Amanda : Sorry about yesterday.
Amanda : We can talk on friday – k?
Amanda : Luke?
Amanda : Hey
Amanda : is everything ok?
Amanda : Hey – why haven’t you responded
Luke : Amanda, I don’t think it’s a good idea to see each other again.
Amanda : Ok why
Amanda : Is that what you wanted to talk to me about
Luke : Just you’re relation to steph is too close to my ex-gf and I don’t
think it’d work out
Amanda : I know
Amanda : But I enjoyed getting a drink with you and I think its a shame this
is going to get in the way
Luke : Well, I know, but right now it’s not a good time
Amanda : Why is that
Amanda : I totally understand I’m just wondering
Luke : I  work a lot at the moment which makes me skeptical for overcoming
the fact that your close friends are very an ex-gf of mine of 3 years
Luke : This isn’t a science; I just don’t think it’s a good idea
Amanda : Luke, I seriously understand – and empathize with you a lot.
While I am only going to be here this summer, I’m moving here for good in
january.  I didn’t want anything serious this summer – just wanted to ‘see
Amanda : I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I’d love to see you when I move
here – maybe things will be different
Luke : Alright, when you move here let’s see where things stand, but I’m
sorry, right now isn’t the time
Amanda : K – well  I hope its the right time for me then.  Have a great
Amanda : At the boat basin haha
Amanda : K bye
Luke : Have fun
Luke : K
Amanda : Well I know you don’t wanna talk to me anymore – that’s why I said
‘k bye’
Amanda : One last thing – its good your not seeing me til jan.
Amanda : With the weight and all…
Luke : I’m just at work – that’s all
Luke : Don’t worry about it
Amanda : 🙂
Amanda : I can’t believe you don’t wanna see me anymore
Amanda : K bye.  Just know that I understand where your coming from with the
steph thing
Amanda : But you’re missing out on a great girl
Amanda : Goodnight
Amanda : Are you still at work
Amanda : ?
Luke : Yah – still here
Amanda : Man I’m sorry.  My best friends  suprised me and are visiting this
weekend.  They aren’t moving to the city for another 2 weeks but knew I’ve
been lonely – they’re amazing.  Come out and meet us!
Amanda : K I’m guessing that’s a no.
Amanda : Ok I’m not going to continue to drunk text you…have a good night
slash I wish you didn’t make the decision that you did
Amanda : ?
Amanda : The decision makes me sad
Amanda : Are you alive
Amanda : This is just rude.
Amanda : I’m home – gnight
Amanda : Seriously is everyhing ok
Amanda : I$
Amanda : I’m sorry about last night
Amanda : Hi – my dad wanted to smoke hookah for fathers day so I brought him
to le souk
Amanda : Goood times….
Luke : That’s a good place to go – bet he liked it
Amanda : He’s loving out – he loves cigars so its right up his alley
Luke : Very cool
Amanda : I wanna see you at some point.  This is ridic
Amanda : I really think it doesn’t make sense that we can’t just hang out to
get to know one another
Amanda : Without steph – just the two of us
Amanda : What do you think
Luke : I’m super busy
Luke : At work now actually
Amanda : Oh na
Amanda : Oh man I’m sorry
Amanda : Good luck with work – ill talk to you later
Luke : K
Amanda : I’m moving down to the financial district this week
Amanda : ah sorry wrong person – I’ve been smoking all day.  Out of it
Amanda : Are you still at work
Luke : Yup
Amanda : Wow – go home
Amanda : I mean when can u go home
Luke : Probably midnight or one
Amanda : I feel bad
Amanda : For you
Luke : Don’t
Luke : I signed up for it
Amanda : true – and it sounds very impressive
Amanda : I’m starting to pack my stuff up.  Moving to battery park to live
with my gfs at end of the week.
Amanda : I’ve been lonely without them ha.  They’ll all be here by july
Luke : Cool – listen – I’m super busy
Luke : I gotta focus
Amanda : Ok sorry – later
Amanda : Hey – sorry for interupting.  But I think you’re right, we
shouldn’t hang out
Amanda : K so goodnight and good luck with the work
Amanda : Is that okay
Amanda : Ok you’re working so I’m interpreting that as a yes
Amanda : Did you get my bbm yesterday
Luke : Yah, I got it late – look super busy – I got a presentation in
London on Wednesday
Amanda : Good luck with the presentation
Amanda : And enjoy london
Amanda : Hey – when are you leaving
Amanda : K still working.  Good luck
Amanda : Hey – the reason why I don’t wanna hang out is because you’re never
gonna be around.  I know your ridiculously busy with work and I wanna hang
out with someone on a consistent basis
Amanda : I’m sure you’re still working but I just wanted to tell you my
Amanda : K bye
Amanda : Can you at least respond
Luke : Listen – look – you’re right I work a lot
Luke : I’m actually on a conference call
Amanda : Plus to be honest I’m offended about the steph thing – you didn’t
even want to get to know one another before not hanging out
Amanda : I know I’m high maintenence in that I want someone to be there –
and I’m guessing that’s not gonna happen with you
Amanda : So you work a lot and I don’t want that – it doesn’t make sense for
Amanda : Anyway, you’re working.  I’m going to someones to watch a movie
Amanda : Have a good night and safe trip to london
Luke : Ok – thanks, night
Amanda : do you agree with me in not hanging out
Luke : yah, it’s best
Amanda : best because of work or steph?
Luke : Both
Amanda : The steph thing doesn’t make sense – you wouldn’t be seeing her,
you’d be seeing me.
Amanda : Listen – I’m normally not like this with guys. At this point, I
would normally just move on and not even think twice –  but for some reason
I’m interested in you
Amanda : I wish the steph thing didn’t bother you – if that was the case,
I’d get over the working fairly quickly
Amanda : anyway, I know that I want hang out with you –  its bothering me
that you don’t feel the same or don’t wanna make any accomedations with work
Amanda : Good luck with the presentation!
Amanda : Fyi – I am currently ‘babysitting’ clients in cali.
Amanda : Are you in london?
Amanda : The reason why I’m asking is cuz I’m actually there now
Amanda : My dad had to go for biz – and suprised me with a plane ticket.  My
bf lena lives in germany – she came to visit – we just got home
Amanda : Hey –
Amanda : I don’t know uf
Amanda : If you got this but I’m in london with my dad.  Leaving tomorrow
Amanda : Anyway, hope things are good
Amanda : Are you back in ny
Amanda : If u don’t wanna hang out whed I get back please let me know
Amanda : Hey – let’s meet up tonight.  Stephs at the beach and I’m out with
my other friensa
Amanda : Yes or no?  Let me know
Amanda : Hello?
Amanda : ?? Can you answer
Amanda : I’m confused
Amanda : Luke?
Amanda : All I have to say is you’re missing out – ha
Amanda : Seriously
Amanda : Are u alive
Amanda : Hi – can you just say you don’t wanna hang out anymore so I’m not
Amanda : Its actually really rude that you haven’t responded
Amanda : What’s wrong with you – do you mind just manning up and saying you
don’t wanna hang out
Amanda : I’ve honestly never encountered anyone that’s been this rude.  Its
Amanda : I’m assuming that you’re not going to respond.
Amanda : With that said, you don’t know anything about me and for some
reason you didn’t want to get to know anything about me.   What you should
know is I’m a great girl and don’t deserve to be treated like this
Amanda : And, in the end, its unfortunate because your missing out
Amanda : *you’re
Amanda : Good bye and good luck
Amanda : Luke?


12 Responses to “Amanda : Hi – can you just say you don’t wanna hang out anymore so I’m not confused”

  1. Eljefe said

    Jebus funking christy.

  2. JBDFan said

    That girl got a one way ticket on the crazy train and ain’t never coming home…

  3. Taylor said

    Sweet Jebus that girl crazy

  4. MNNU83 said

    so does he want to hang out? luke? im confused?

  5. My God she is……… way too desperate… no wonder luke’s ran away…
    he’s not interested, take the hint… Gosh….

  6. candy blackmail said

    She’s a one night stand from hell.

  7. nate said

    ^^ I know!! He’s pretty much made it clear “super busy”…”Don’t think it will work out” I have a friend who has an ex that was like this, texting and freaking out if he didnt respond after 5 mins went by and worrying about him, when some of the time he was at work and couldn’t text! Jeez she needs to calm the f down lol

  8. MrSZ.FreshPrincess said

    That girl is gone crazy. She been blowing him uph. I learned from this never hang with 3 ppl all together or you will have sex in be crazy over the boy like Amanda!!!

  9. Lindsey Rose said

    I love how he’s told her that he doesn’t want to hang out 50 times by the end of this conversation and she’s still confused! Desperate much?

  10. pyro_girl said

    wow she is way too desperate….

  11. frolicking sheep said

    good bye and good luck.



  12. mireille blanche said

    that girl is really scary.
    she’s like a stalker…
    no scratch that, she IS a stalker.
    if that ever happened to me, i would be scared.
    oh and luke should be sympathized with.
    i mean, she should respect his decision of not talking instead of being VERY nosy.

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