Nicholas, an Ameican ex-pat, was living in Japan, where he met and began dating Alice, a Japanese woman. They dated for some time, but when Nicholas moved back to the States, he ended the relationship with Alice.  Alice, distraught over losing Nicholas, wrote him this letter.

N, To me, you seem to have started your new life already. I would understand if you think our relationship positively, but if you just dragg it out and stay this way, we both just get hurt. Obviously it is very annoying to you that I contact youand I really don’t want to bother you any more. If you think we’ve reached the limit in our relationshipor you want to give up on us, tell me honestly. Or is there any reasons you don’t make a obvious conclusion? Just tell me what you want. If you could give me a straight answer, I could move on and it would be less painful.

From Nick to Alice:

I’m sorry but I think we have reached the limit of our relationship and we should break-up.
I really love you, and I will miss you a lot, I know, but i don’t see a future for us.
I’m sorry it took so long to say but I was really trying to think of another solution.
But i can’t think of one that won’t be painful for both of us eventually.
Please take care of yourself…
I think I will be ok so please don’t worry about me.
I know you will be ok. You are very strong in spirit and character.
I wish the very best for you…you deserve it.

Love always,


From Alice to Nick:

N, I am writing this to express my thanks for your love and the relationship over the past about two years. I talked to you about this last time on the phone, but let me once again.I never wanted to have an international relationship. I wanted to have a relationship with YOU, because I know that no matter whether we share a culture, a language or not, each person is an individual.And I think love is about PEOPLE and love, feelings, desire,understanding and happiness.I was with you for who you are and how you make me feel.Since I met you, I had learnt what it means to love a man as a woman.However, I also learnt that no matter how much people love each other, there are also cases of those who break up. I had a wonderful time with you.We laughed, cried, and talked endlessly until dawn together…The previous night, going to China, you touched my cheek and my hair gently and kissed me fondly in a bed. That was a beautiful moment that I had felt loved the mostand the joy just could not
be expressed in words.You left me with indelible precious memories.  The end of last month, you built a high wall that named”self-defense”. I knew at that point where our relationship goes.But I tried to overcome it.However, I couldn’t even get any closer unfortunately.I couldn’t see our future because I can see your love is different from my love.So I had assumed that this would eventually happen.You didn’t want to get hurt yourself by love, and you wantedto avoid that you are tired and you feel annoyed.To you, protecting yourself was more important than offering me a reassurance of our future so you reject me. But it is not your fault.I think I’m not such a person who deserves you.My love was selfless love. You felt that you sometimes upset me,but it was nothing to me because I can be even willing to give upmy life for you. No matter how much you hurt me, l was prepared to be with you and help you at all costs. I love you as much as that and you deserve it. Actually, I wanted
you to take me to New York and I wanted to meet your mother and your friends.To tell the truth, I’ve always dreamed of marrying with you and living together.But I’m so coward…so I didn’t have enough confidence to live in America.I’m sorry, I hurt you and didn’t make you happy.I wanted to try to get through our difficulties to see our future clearly and to be with you for the rest of my life.But I also know I’m too old to have a baby, I really want you to have a cute and healthy baby, so I think you should make a happy family with a young wife.It is tough to get past a breakup because I’m not so strong. I hope you use whatever gift you have received and your effort for your writing would be successful.I’ll be always on your side. Obliterate all of your memories of me and enjoy your life in Japan.Please be happier than your past with your new girl friend. Thanks for everything you have done for me. You were a very special person for me who added sparkle to my life. Good luck.  Alice

From Nick to Alice a week later:


Rejected is a very strong word. I did not reject you. I had concerns about our future and I didn’t see any other way.

I didn’t know I would feel this way. You still turn me on. You are the sexiest woman I have ever been with and I miss being inside you. I miss the sounds you make when you come, when you have a vibrator and me inside you at the same time. I miss your skillful tongue all over my body, espicially my chest and my ass. I miss the taste of your pussy and your ass. I miss your hands all over my body. I get excited just thinking about it.

I still don’t see a future for us, but that doesn’t mean I can’t miss being with you. I know you are not my girlfriend anymore or my “fuck” friend. But to be completely honest I wish you were my “fuck” friend now because your body is calling me loud and clear. I know you want me as much as I want you.

I know this is not the way you want it. Maybe you want ALL or NOTHING. I understand if you do. And, if you want me to leave you alone completely I will. I just had to tell you how I feel.


From Alice to Nick:

are you busy next tuesday?