Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. Maybe he was too controlling. Maybe she was too distant. Or maybe the two of you were simply incompatible. Whatever the reason, the relationship comes to an end. It’s over.

Or is it?

For many of us, the breakup is just the beginning. We wake up, after a night of sobbing or searching for a rebound, only to find a new message from The Ex in our inboxes. Be they sad, defensive, or just plain rude, these emails memorialize the end of the relationship. As time goes on, these messages become easier to swallow…and soon we start to realize just how hilarious they can be.

This blog is for anyone who has ever been dumped, or dumped someone else, and has the email to prove it. If you want us to post a message you’ve received, send it to Doing so is very cathartic, and pretty damn funny too. Include any backstory that you think is relevant. We’ll take out any identifying information.

And if you’re thinking of emailing your newfound ex, just remember — you always sound more desperate in the morning.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Jules. I love it. I’ll have material for you soon… 🙂 hehehe. miss you!

  2. LadyA said

    This is what I need. Thank you.

  3. Jade Greene said

    This blog is fabulous. I’ve really enjoyed reading it!

  4. charlotte said

    Whatever group of people thought this uo were complete geniuses.

  5. candy blackmail said

    What a great idea – love the site. 🙂

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