A relationship rant from one of our readers:

Could it be us as female generation; are so na├»ve that we believe in every little things that guys promise? It was about 3 months ago where “B” asked me out on a date after promising my hand in marriage. We have been friends for good 3 years and the attraction was always there, however he was still married so I strictly stayed friends with him. He got divorced 4 months ago and right after that started dating me and leading me on into getting married and having children with him, however I am not ready for that type of commitments since I still got two more years to get my Bachelor of Arts degree, and also not to mention the career that is going to be ahead of me. I am only 20 years old and B is 38 years old. Despite the age difference that we both had to deal with, he was divorced twice and had a daughter (my age). Call it twisted relationship, I already knew that my family wouldn’t accept him so therefore I never introduced him to my family till things were finalized. Days went by and we grew stronger feelings for each other. I made sacrifices such as avoiding what people had to say behind my back (she is a gold digger, or calling me attention whore). He proved his love by tattooing my designed drawing on his arm, which included a picture of my face and also he gave me his house keys. However, things went sour after that.

Tattoos don’t solve everything, we’re afraid. Find out what happened after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »