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6 Responses to “Submit!”

  1. jasmine said

    i just got dumped by my boyfriend two days ago.i asked him out once but he said no the next day he asked me out and i said yes. he told all my friends that he loved me and was never going to break up with with me… which made me not worry. i hardly talked to him and it got him frustrated soo he dumped me. i was soo sad beacuse i remember all the good times we had. the times we hugged at school everyday,the way he said he loved me n i said it back,the times we were always talking before we went out.. now me and him don’t even say a word to eachother we went for 3 weeks and it was a hell of relationship i stil love him.theres that feeling that i want to get back with him and soo does he we always look at eachother.. but i don’t know if i should i regret all the bad things i’ve done

  2. Jasmin said

    I was dumped 2 days ago. After 2 years together, I get a phone call, where I’m told he’s “not feeling it anymore” and that it’s over and that’s pretty much it.

    I have spent the past 4 months waiting for him to return from military training, and he’s due home in two weeks. I bought the plane ticket he asked me to to come see him graduate, and then he dumps me out of the blue, 2 weeks before he’s due home.

    He expects me to move out. He has no remorse because he says he’s been wanting to do this for a long time.

    The icing on the cake is that this morning as I am paying the joint phone account I notice a strange number that I’ve never seen, which he was incidentally texting the entire time he was breaking up with me…. Where do these guys come from?!

  3. Candy said

    So my ex decided to just go ahead and hook up with his ex girlfriend in the midst of our relationship. I confronted him about it and he straight up lied in my face…o boy i’m gonna slappppp youuuuu! then once i got the truth out of him i confronted the bitch Alexa….. (no last names) and she lied directly to as well. so i went to my boyfriends house to dump him and she was laying on his bed naked. so i calmy said goodbye to him and stormed out the door adn ever since he has been messageing me everyday and saying he still loves me!! please help.

  4. Lyndsay Goldstein said

    Things were going great and then all of the sudden he made up some lie that i cheated on him when i didn’t! he didn’t trust me and now im devastated.

  5. alexa said

    We were friends since sixth grade. Over the years I gradually found my crush on you growing. We started dating and I think I fell inlove with you at some point along the line. Sometimes it would go away but everytime we got back together I simply found myself falling for you as if I hadn’t climbed back up. While dating you all I could think about was you. This has happened to me before. But it was different this time. I really liked you. Everything was amazing. So great. Then I told yu that I didn’t joke when I said I love you. Maybe in sixth grade. But when I told you that I was serious. I had fallen heels over head. Everyone told me you were an asshole but our friendship hit a level were I couldn’t see it. And everyone may think me crazy for saying I have been inlove at this age. After such short time. But I didn’t care because I had loved you before we dated. One day we were sitting on the couch. Cuddling and kissing. Not caring who was looking. The next day I got upset. I had walked EVERYWHERE and all I wanted was to see you. You got upset to and ended it. You said it wasn’t working. Irreconcilable differences. I said you were being irrational. You told me to leave you alone and I said I was coming over. That’s when you said the thing that hurt me more then anything in the world. “I don’t think my new GF would approve me talking to you.” When you said that I felt my heart stopped. If it had been my phone then I would have thrown it in the garbage disposal. I hated your guts. I wanted you dead. But I still loved you. If yu had wanted to take me back I would have let you. You meant so much to me and you threw me out like a banana peel. I cried so much. I haven’t cried over a guy SINCE 6th. We became friends again after I stopped hating you. I spent the night and you held me while I slept. So freaking confused, I asked you why you had done that. You told me you were completly over me. You told me our relationship got boring. I hated you again. I saw you once more and you treated me like shit. I hate your guts. But I know deep down that I still love you. You treat me like something you stepped in. But I still love you. I still want you. I can’t ever be around you because all I want to do is have tickle fights like we used to. I always ended up under you, you pinned me down and then kissed me. You have recently told me that you have been in a relationship for about 5 months. And all I can think is “why her. Why not me.”
    can’t freaking get over you.

  6. Violet said

    I never believed I was good enough for you….the worst part was, you did.

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